Monday, 13 April 2009

London Eye

Today is one day which my brother rests, he proposed that leads us to look at the fountain, but we go inadequately, that is because we couldn't find that place in where, but my younger brother helped us to think a place.

You guessed where today we have gone to?
Nearby this place has Big Ben and a river, some time you may also see it in the news. I wanted to go to this place already quickly to have two years, it was London Eye

Thoese pictures are attractive, can shoot to the such beautiful picture,i thuoght very Lucky because may see these many lights are revolving the London Eye are a very unforgettable matter.The very few people can see this beautiful one day, except in New Year.

Today is i plays in the vacation most joyful one day ^.^

i want to ask My Best Friends How was your Easter Holiday?I want to said to you guys "I have a very very nice holiday and i enjoy it ,C u guys after holidays I hope you guys can enjoy your lovely holiday same with me as well"