Monday, 25 May 2009

He is deceiving me? I do not know. If he has not deceived me, is only the fate?

Him and I associates now to his feeling is the same. (I was probably like him)

I know him. It was in secondly school; I know him. It was in primary school。
One is older than me one year;One is older than me one month。
One is near by me ;one is far away by me 。
One is live in UK;one is live in Malaysia。
Both of them is my friends. Their look so cool, hardworking, doesn’t like fighting and the result also very good.
However both of them b-day it was same day with me .
Is this call fate or coincidence?

Sunday, 24 May 2009


Personality name:Xinny
2.your nickname:Wan Xin and mei mei
3.your blood-group:AB (maybe)
4.Your constellation: gemini
5.whaere r u born:Malaysia
6.You r felame or male:F
7.When is your B-DAY:11 JUNE 1994
8.Do u have a mobile phone:have
9.Do u have any bro or bro and one sis
10.What language do u speak:Melayu,Chinese,English.....still learning dat.

11.Do u like someone:i dnt no what feel now....confused
12.So far,Do you have with others public stament: ya...
13.So far,Do you have by other public stament: ya..
14.So with how many boy or girl friend have associated:hmm...2
15.Now some people pursue you: lol....

Mixes the sythesis
16.If one the day,your best friend would just leave you,how would u feel: upset and cry
17. Is you schoolwork good:yh.....think so...haha
18.When's you turn on the computer what kind of the thing you will to do first:online,listen to the music,friendster and myblog.

19.your Mathematics:is ok....i lyk it
20.your school is attractive:not really
21.your class:yr10
22.Do you like drama or music:both
23.Do you like you school:yh
24.How Many subject do u have(list): English,Maths,Dida,Spanish.Citizenship,PE,Social Enterprise(EAL),Science and Cathering
25.Do you like you teacher.Which subject:haha..well i lyk my DIDA and English teacher


26.Who is your friend:Hmm.....lots
27.Do you exit frequently with you friend(WHO):
Yh....When i'm free Alina.Zakia....
Annie them
28.Who is your crazy friend: NO
29.Who is your clever friend: Alina.Rron.Inna.Jirapong.Norie.
SyedaZakia and Shaiy
Wei Qiang.Shu Ning,Annie and Hui Zheng
29.Who is your lazy friend: NO。。。。o
30.Who is your dirty friend:
31.who can make you smile: RRon ,Clarence ,Jirapong.....Wei Qiang and Wei Kang
32.who can make you fun: RRon and Clarence
33.who is your most cute friend:
Alina,Zakia,Syeda Inna and Shaiy......
Annie,Shu Ning,Hui Zheng.Hui Shi,Tao Ting
34.who do your hate most: no
35.Who is your smart friend: Alina,Alice,Zakia, Inna,RRonJirapong.....
Hui Zheng.Wei Qiang .Shu Ning and Annie
36.Who is your pity friend: no
37.Who is your handsomely friend: Jirapong .Clarence.RRon and Wei Qiang
38.Who is your cool friend: Girl are Alina and Inna....Boy are Jirapong ,Wei Qiang and RRon
39.Who is your best friend:
Boy is RRon.Clarence .Jirapong andNorie.....Wei Qiang,Wei Kang.Han Wei and Jia Cheng .Girl is Alina.Alice.Zakia.Inna.shaiyand syeda......Hui Zheng.Shu Ning.Annie.Hui Shi and Tao Ting.
40.Who is your pretty friend: Alina and Inna...Annie,Shu Ning,Hui Shi.Tao Ting and Hui Zheng
41.Who is your skinny friend: Inna and Annie
42.Who do you like in the school:
haha...yh i like someone in my school

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Everyone has parents but part from that is a child’s need for friends. Don’t forget a lot of people around you, helping you ,sharing things with you and making your day wonderful as well as cheering you up. That is a lovely part of your life waiting for you to joy together. When I was small, I don’t have a brilliant life because my parent had to go to another country to make their own money to send back to us for a better living. However i have got a lot of friend around me.
I remember that day when i left them .They come to my party and bought me a bear and some gift .They have understood what was going on but I just smiled to them for the whole day .I will
never forget what they say:“Xinny you need to look after yourself and hard-working” they said Annie is my lovely friend every day when we finish our school .we just go out to play basketball, badminton and chat. And when the exam coming soon we just work hard together and we went to get some people to join us.A part from her I have the best friend in my life they are Hui Zheng ,ShuNing,Wei Qiang,Wei Kang,Hui Shi,Han Wei,Jia Cheng and Tao Ting. They are my Primary friends until today. They are cheerful, eager and amazed friend. I have learn a lt of them. Sometime when they cry, sad, nasty I feel so painful of my heart; happy, enjoy, and elated I feel so funny because of them I have a jolly and lovely life
After one year I had study in UK.I began a new life and made new friend as well .They are
Alina.Zakia ,SyedaRron,Jirapong,Clanrence,Norie,Inna,Shahinaz ,Alice and Nora. Because of them. I know how to speak, write and read English. However, they had use lot of time to help me improve my English. Sometime we had meet each other to went to a cinema, shopping ,park and school. When we had time we just talked about some school stuff. Every lunch and break time we just sit at the canteen and also when outside in summer we just walk around the playground, I like the way there say me “Xinny you look nice ,sweet or cute today”. I feel so happy. I remember when I was fourteen Birthday .They had bought me a gift and celebrant for me .Also that is my first time my friend sing a Birthday Song with me in my music lesson. However I also know how to speak my mother tongue with my parents. But one day I will use another language to speak with my family because of them.
Best friends are something you don’t just pick sometimes it takes courage and time to find somebody that will be your buddy and your part forever. A friend is somebody who cares about
you like a brother or sister.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


omg。why the time want to go so quickly ?

Monday, 4 May 2009

nth to do

today i don't need to go to sch
i just stay at home
in the morning my anuty call me....
she asked me "what do you do at home "
May be make something to eat i said
when we finish chat
i just start to cleaning my house first
then start to make sushi with my sis and my another anuty
she had teach me how to make the sushi
i so happy first to make a sushi at home