Sunday, 24 May 2009


Personality name:Xinny
2.your nickname:Wan Xin and mei mei
3.your blood-group:AB (maybe)
4.Your constellation: gemini
5.whaere r u born:Malaysia
6.You r felame or male:F
7.When is your B-DAY:11 JUNE 1994
8.Do u have a mobile phone:have
9.Do u have any bro or bro and one sis
10.What language do u speak:Melayu,Chinese,English.....still learning dat.

11.Do u like someone:i dnt no what feel now....confused
12.So far,Do you have with others public stament: ya...
13.So far,Do you have by other public stament: ya..
14.So with how many boy or girl friend have associated:hmm...2
15.Now some people pursue you: lol....

Mixes the sythesis
16.If one the day,your best friend would just leave you,how would u feel: upset and cry
17. Is you schoolwork good:yh.....think so...haha
18.When's you turn on the computer what kind of the thing you will to do first:online,listen to the music,friendster and myblog.

19.your Mathematics:is ok....i lyk it
20.your school is attractive:not really
21.your class:yr10
22.Do you like drama or music:both
23.Do you like you school:yh
24.How Many subject do u have(list): English,Maths,Dida,Spanish.Citizenship,PE,Social Enterprise(EAL),Science and Cathering
25.Do you like you teacher.Which subject:haha..well i lyk my DIDA and English teacher


26.Who is your friend:Hmm.....lots
27.Do you exit frequently with you friend(WHO):
Yh....When i'm free Alina.Zakia....
Annie them
28.Who is your crazy friend: NO
29.Who is your clever friend: Alina.Rron.Inna.Jirapong.Norie.
SyedaZakia and Shaiy
Wei Qiang.Shu Ning,Annie and Hui Zheng
29.Who is your lazy friend: NO。。。。o
30.Who is your dirty friend:
31.who can make you smile: RRon ,Clarence ,Jirapong.....Wei Qiang and Wei Kang
32.who can make you fun: RRon and Clarence
33.who is your most cute friend:
Alina,Zakia,Syeda Inna and Shaiy......
Annie,Shu Ning,Hui Zheng.Hui Shi,Tao Ting
34.who do your hate most: no
35.Who is your smart friend: Alina,Alice,Zakia, Inna,RRonJirapong.....
Hui Zheng.Wei Qiang .Shu Ning and Annie
36.Who is your pity friend: no
37.Who is your handsomely friend: Jirapong .Clarence.RRon and Wei Qiang
38.Who is your cool friend: Girl are Alina and Inna....Boy are Jirapong ,Wei Qiang and RRon
39.Who is your best friend:
Boy is RRon.Clarence .Jirapong andNorie.....Wei Qiang,Wei Kang.Han Wei and Jia Cheng .Girl is Alina.Alice.Zakia.Inna.shaiyand syeda......Hui Zheng.Shu Ning.Annie.Hui Shi and Tao Ting.
40.Who is your pretty friend: Alina and Inna...Annie,Shu Ning,Hui Shi.Tao Ting and Hui Zheng
41.Who is your skinny friend: Inna and Annie
42.Who do you like in the school:
haha...yh i like someone in my school