Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I was felt very unsafely today

On last Tues. my house have robbbered by thieves,so that I have had a fear when I was back home.
The thieves messed my lovely bedroom,my mum's bedroom and my neighbors' flats.

In this evening,I was saw a car stay on the road in front of my house, have a person inside the car.
He made me feel that he was a thief,because he was looking at me when I started to cross the road.
At that time,I was very scared,so I was posing a passenger at the bus stop. I didn't want to travel by bus,I just want to wait him to leave.
When he was leave,I quickly back to home.

However,when I was at the building,I felt afraid as well,because the building was very quiet.
I usually can hear the voices of chlidren from the top flat,which is my neighbor's children.
I stood in front of the down stair the first door about 1min before I opened the door.
When I saw a baby chair, I wasn't so afraid, because I knew my nieghbor at up stair.

I want quickly to move to another house.
If I move to another house, I never want back to this flat anymore.
Because of this happened,i don't have a good birthday
and i have cry for two day.i feel the thieives will came back