Friday, 7 May 2010


These days been really busy. a lot of things are occupied in my head now. too stressed out but still everything have to go on. i cannot stop.
been coming to home late and sleeping late I'm like getting from bad to worst. whats got into me now. I'm worried for my exams. a few more days to go. i have to give my very best. i cant stop now!!!!!But with this kind of behavior, how can i ever archive. i have to change.
Today was a normal day indeed. nothing exciting. just school stuffs and Chinese exam .well i have nothing else to say or that's enough about school stuffs. thinking of it make me go nuts.ha ha. well life have never been better.lets talk bout me, what happening to me now? well actually nothing much. I'm my punctuality has improved. at least better than before. heheee. well i just think i could change my discipline or if not, I'm getting from bad to worst.
as for love life, I'm still not there yet. as in I'm not yet ready to be in love. the feeling just isn't there & I'm happy the way i am now. enjoying life without anyone controlling me except for my parents la. ha ha. okay i think i talked too much. i guess that's all for now. wait till my next post!