Sunday, 15 November 2009

because of exam false

i heard my friendz said 2012 is coming out on 13 of November at cinema. i had asked my friendz before "do u want to go".the answers were nope because we got exam on tmr .haiz
because of u(exam)make me can't watch it.Today my Malaysia friend tell me he gonna to watch it with his friendz on tmr .i feel i want to go with them .However me and my friendz are planing to watch the next movie "NEW MOON " after we finish our exam.The movie is coming out on 20th of November .i feel so excited to watch it.

i want to watch 2012 as well,u false make me feel not in the good mood wu_wu_also can't focuz on the rivision .Haha just jk with u la...haha ^^don't angry with me lol.hope u guys have a nice day and enjoy it.THANKZ for the support.I will try to do my best.muackz
take care