Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mock exam

the MOCK EXAM is coming soon on next week
i'm afraid for it beause i still got 5 more days left T.T until the MOCK EXAM coming.

However today lesson was quite fun
PE-I was playing basketball and badmintion will my friends
actually i haven't play those kind of the sport since for 3 months ago.
that is because I was busy for studying .However during the lesson my friends have invite me to join the girl basketball team.Because in January our school have a basketball match for the girl.But i haven't make my mind want to join in or not?+_+??
Spanish-I haven't been seen her for a week ago.Because she wasn't teach us since for last 3 lesson ago.But she was in today.T.T.When me and friends were walking into the class.I just can see her face was look like so angry with us that is because we were late for her lesson also during the lesson she was telling us about the mock exam.
Maths-yesterday she was telling us her car had been broke by the theif on saturday. Also the theif have took her bag gone.but inside it is our class exercise book. That mean the whole class need to wrote on the newbook.T.T.However today during the lesson she was calling my name and another two boys and tell us to wait outside for her. After she finish the talking .I was feeling very glad because she have give me a chance to try the higher tier exam paper during the mock exam ^^