Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Normal Day

JUst a norMAL DaY
SCienCe=My TeACheR JusT GiVE Us To Do SoMe Past ExAM PAPer In THe CLass AlSo Do Some RiviSioN.AfTEr the Lesson ShE haVe Gave US SOme MuLTipLe ChoiCe Paper For Us To DO As a HomeWork .
SPanIsh:EVerYone In My SPaNish CLass WEre HaPPY BEcouSE My TeacHer wAsN't in .But We StiLL Need TO DO WHat SHe Tell Us TO do.
Before We Not Going In TO THe ClaSSrooM.My FriendZ were StandIng OutSIde ANd DIscussion ABout Her.
alSo i had Spend My LUnchTime TO Learn Guitar During in thE LunChtIme
It WAs QuIte FUnNY and i Enjoyed It BEcOz I had learned a New SOng CaLLED 'WHat Should WE Do'
ya yesterday i was feeling so happy to chat with u too but
2day i was so sick and tired ...SO... Sry i Can't even spend my time to Chat With u on MSN.
HOwever i promise u i will try to do my best and Thxzz 4 ur support.